Java IsNumber and String Split Methods

Class: TextUtility
Author: Shahrzad Jahangirian
Language: Java (using Java 6) Download Java 6 and Download Java Runtime 6(JRE)
Date Added: Dec 8, 2013
Description: TextUtility class includes Java String Utilities with two methods, the first method is isNumber(String input) String utility that takes a String and return a boolean value of true if input is a number or return false if the entry is not a number. The second method of this Java utility class is breakText(String text, String symbol, boolean keep), this method gets some lines of text and split them by the symbol, and if keep parameter is true the symbol also return with split words and it will be removed if keep is false.
How to Run: I tested all codes on Windows 7 Command Prompt with Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6 on my computer. ( you may download it by visiting this link )
You need to create all files and save it in a folder in your computer such as C:\javacodes and compile and run at command prompt as follows. I assumed you saved all files at C:\javacodes
C:\javacodes> javac -d c:\javacodes "this statement compiles the class and creates TextUtilityPKG package"
C:\javacodes> javac "compiles the Main class to test BreakText method of TextUtility class"
C:\javacodes> Java BreakTextMain "and this statement runs the"
C:\javacodes> javac "compiles the Main class to test isNumber method from TextUtility class."
C:\javacodes> Java IsNumberMain "and this statement runs the"

TextUtility Java class code that has java string split example method that uses Java StringTokenizer

This is the BreakTextMain class to runs breakText method of TextUtility class from Java command line input

This is the IsNumberMain class to runs isNumber method of TextUtility class from Java command line input